LY/Pukifee : Boyfriends Retro hoodies

12.79 USD
To have 5 version for select A./B./C./D./E.
Select size you want on size option.
To have a lot of size for select : Pleases,note to me about size you want order >>
Lati yellow,
Rosen Lies Monday child
Mini muichan
Secret doll
Mini BB
Luts tiny delf,
Odeco Nikki
Middie blythe** (hoodies prop)
Heaven Doll,
Tiny darak-i

Set including :

The color in the image could look slightly different from the actual product.

Every piece is handicraft.

Retail, Wholesale, Make to order.
**Doll/pants/Wig exclude set**

**Remark : Shipment on NORMAL REGISTERED AIRMAIL with tracking number,
Shipped forward Scheduled shipment,
Processes order and Prepare for shipment within 20-28 days.

Retail, Wholesale, Make to order.